Cost Plus Quality

Monocle is excited to partner with the best cost and quality technologies in the healthcare business. We've integrated these technologies into the way we deliver care management and have integrated their systems into other technologies enabling us to provide the very best in population health analytics and referral optimization.

The Ultimate Medical Cost Plus Quality Transparency

  • 700,000 physicians, 4,000 hospitals, 5,000 ambulatory surgery centers ranked on 70,000 diagnoses
  • 250,000,000 and growing care price tags across US
  • 300 objective quality metrics from over 20 databases updated monthly
  • Easy-to-use search and save engine for 600 care items
  • Independent of all hospitals, health insurance companies and ad agencies
  • Value equals low cost and high quality. Experience this here and now to gain affordable access to medical care.. 




Knowing the price of your care before you buy it helps save you money. Our passion is to

fight for everyone to have affordable access to medical care. Our service includes:

Unlimited searches for nearly 600 types of medical care

  • Unlimited searches for nearly 600 types of medical care
  • Cost concierge service staffed by medical billing experts
  • Money maps featuring best-priced providers that will work with your insurance
  • Monthly emails for savings advice
  • Price efficiency for both episodic procedures and chronic illnesses
  • Diagnosis-specific, provider-specific quality rankings

Our solution helps consumers to search and save on medical costs. We are independent

of insurance companies, allowing us to focus on you. Employers and unions save big money

on health care and can fuel company growth.  Employees and members save

money and take home more pay.    



An award winning technology, Monocle Health Data is the only company solely dedicated to providing unbiased healthcare provider rankings (severity adjusted) based on price efficiency and quality, for both episodic care and chronic illnesses. Monocle uses multiple credible sources and software programs so users can find the most efficient providers with the best quality for their specific illness — in just five easy steps on a web-based platform.

Monocle is useful for employers, patients, health systems/ACOs, health plans, medical/disease management companies, reinsurers and anyone who wants unbiased, credible, meaningful and measurable information about providers who treat specific illnesses at the best price and quality.

Monocle Health Data was named 2012 Intel Innovation Award finalist in recognition of Monocle creating a unique provider ranking solution generations ahead of anything in healthcare.

Systems Integration & Implementation

VBurchett Consulting is a team of consultants who collaborate and bring together a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry.  Leading through service in a spirit of collaboration and excellence, VBurchett seeks to partner with forward-thinking innovative organizations who wish to inform, engage, empower and inspire individuals and communities toward improved health outcomes for all.  

This highly skilled team of experts advise others on a variety of projects in the public and private sector on state and national initiatives touching nearly every area of healthcare. Current engagements include projects for health systems, physician groups, veterans affairs, technology firms, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, state and federal government agencies and consultant firms. 


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