Uniquely Monocle

  1. Monocle is the only company providing unbiased healthcare provider rankings for price efficiency and quality, for both episodic care and chronic illnesses
  2. With its award-winning technology, Monocle uses dozens of credible, objective, independent sources, and its proprietary, patent-pending software 
  3. Monocle matches patients having specific illnesses to the most efficient providers with the best quality for the patients’ specific illnesses
  4. Monocle proactively performs outreach to patients by offering four levels of patient engagement – from basic call center to intense management of patients with multiple chronic diagnoses – to maximize patient engagement and treatment compliance
  5. Monocle defines price efficiency as all paid costs (drugs, tests, office visits, therapies) over a longitudinal period so that both unit price and volume is considered in efficiency – not just fee schedules
  6. Monocle measures quality using 300+ quality metrics which are weighted for diagnostic relevance
  7. Monocle repurposes its data so health plans get the most value 
  8. All providers are ranked in percentiles for efficiency and quality on a diagnosis-specific basis
  9. All supporting information and data sources are provided to the user – after all we are a transparency company
  10. The most robust product suite integrating referral optimization with other synergistic services

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