Credibly Ranking Providers on Cost & Quality For Episodic & Chronic Diagnoses

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Monocle Health

 Monocle Health Data Is The Only Company Objectively Ranking Every US Doctor, Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center on Price Efficiency and Quality

  • Price efficiency per procedure and on a longitudinal basis (all costs for treating a specific diagnosis)
  • Quality using multiple, independent credible data sources with all metrics weighted for diagnostic relevance.
  • Every condition, primary/secondary/tertiary diagnosis (both episodic and chronic)
  • Proactively matching patients to optimal providers (price efficiency and quality on a diagnosis-specific basis with Intel Innovation Award-winning technology)

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The Monocle Health Solution


Monocle Health Data Is Price and Quality Transparency Solution With Multiple High Value Applications

  1. Referral Optimization - Match patients to optimal providers
  2. Analytics -  segments beneficiaries, measures savings, ranks providers on price and quality
  3. Unified Communications - telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, care management tools
  4. Complex Chronic Care Management -- proactive patient care engagement based on need
  5. Disability Migration to Medicare SSI - identify and migrate eligible beneficiaries to Medicare SSI
  6. Pharmacy Audit and Recoupment - reconcile pharma contract terms and recoup overcharges
  7. Provider Directory Maintenance - electronic maintenance with multiple sources improves accuracy and cost
  8. Fraud, Waste & Abuse - provider rankings identify price outliers
  9. Automated Clinical Guidelines - documents "best practices" as comparative standards
  10. Pre-Authorization - identify providers with superior performance for pre-auth exemption

Our Mission


To provide healthcare data solutions that are:

  • Unbiased –  independent, not owned or controlled by insurers, providers, networks or government
  • Credible – Using multiple credible data sources for quality metrics specific to the diagnosis
  • Meaningful – diagnosis-specific price and quality rankings of all providers with physicians matched to their affiliated hospitals, rankings for both chronic illnesses and episodic procedures.
  • Measurable – quantifies price and quality disparities, savings, ROI and quality improvement.

Our Values


 An industry leader providing: 

  • Innovation – make complex problems easy for users
  • A Strong ROI – deliver products with high provable ROI
  • Transparency – no “black boxes” allowed; customers deserve to know our solution is credible and documented
  • Integrity – always be honest and of unquestionable character at all times 




My elderly mother was the victim of an armed robbery attack resulting in severe facial injuries. She needed facial reconstructive surgery which included complications to the optic nerve which could leave her blind. This was a difficult situation because I needed to find a doctor with multiple super specialties and needed them very quickly. I didn’t know where to begin.  

I asked to use Monocle and found the top doctors ranked by Monocle who had deep expertise in both facial reconstructive surgery and optic nerve surgery. I was able to narrow the search quickly for her special needs.  I was extremely pleased to get my mom to the best possible care and to have the documentation justifying my choice. 

The physician we chose did an excellent job, saving her sight and minimizing the scarring on her face.  Monocle is a unique tool, that delivered results when there was no time to spare.  

Thank you for developing this tool. 

Shirley Arvey – Atlanta GA


Mike Cadger, CEO - World Health Care Congress 2015

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