Monocle Health

Monocle users can view quality data

for doctors, hospitals and ambulatory

surgery centers.

Monocle’s proprietary technology accesses billions of data points across various cohorts of patients, rendering best practices based on successful outcomes.

The Need for Monocle

Quality and price disparities in healthcare spending have resulted in billions of dollars in avoidable costs for payers while simultaneously increasing the health risks and reducing the quality of care for patients. There is consensus that preventing chronic diseases or proactively managing symptoms can reduce their extraordinary costs. Of the nation’s $3.8 trillion in annual healthcare expenditures, 90% is for people with chronic and mental health conditions, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Only Monocle

Utilizes more than 300 quality metrics from multiple independent, credible sources.

Includes Monocle’s algorithms that identify providers based on a specific diagnosis with a 97% accuracy (within 1 percentile).

Forecasts savings by transforming working data into reliable estimates and projections.

Takes a risk-shared approach that allows clients to generate high returns with minimum investment.

Includes price efficiency per procedure and on a longitudinal basis with all costs for treating a specific diagnosis.

Allows you to proactively match patients to optimal providers based on quality and price efficiency on a diagnosis-specific basis.

Informative Healthcare Analytics = Better Patient Care

At Monocle, we believe that evidence-based medicine is the only way to deliver care. Our technology quantifies quality so you can make informed decisions about your patients’ care.