Monocle Health

Monocle’s proprietary software extracts information from multiple credible and independent sources, including claims, EHRs and third-party data, to identify providers on quality and efficiency.

No other company can match Monocle’s ability to objectively and accurately identify high value providers on every diagnosis.

Trusted, Data-Based Insights

Monocle is the most innovative and credible quality and price platform in healthcare with applications for multiple market segments.

Monocle uniquely and accurately quantifies both provider quality and price efficiency for every diagnosis (episodic procedures and chronic illnesses) down to tertiary diagnoses using multiple credible, objective sources.

Our unique combination of data sources, performance measures and proprietary algorithms deliver an unmatched level of insight and accuracy.

There are three modules within the Monocle SaaS solution:

Longitudinal Price Efficiency by Diagnosis

Quantifies average aggregate payments for all services over a 12-month period by physician/hospital/ASC for all diagnoses (primary, secondary, tertiary) – both episodic and chronic.


Quality Measures by Diagnoses

Quantifies provider quality performance by physician/hospital/ASC by diagnoses using 300+ quality measures based on diagnostic-relevance from dozens of credible, objective sources.


Monocle Health Reports®

With 50+ reports, you can measure historical cost and patient/provider use patterns, patient/provider migration patterns and savings opportunities (telemedicine, RPM, stop-loss, medical management effectiveness and much more).